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Monday, September 25, 2006

Creative Clouds

It's fun to figure out what a passing cloud looks like.

This week's activities bring that enjoyable past time into the classroom.

I think the above clouds look like at least two critters. But what are they? And what are they doing?

That's something for your students to discover!

And here's how:
  1. Make copies of cloud pictures so each student has one.
  2. Ask students to draw what they see in the clouds onto the cloud pictures. (You can demonstrate by projecting the clouds photo onto a whiteboard. Draw eyes, limbs, tails, whatever you see in the clouds over the projected image.)
  3. Now, ask students to describe what is happening in their picture. Ask what happened before and after the captured moment.
  4. Have students write stories about their cloud critters.
Here's an example of what can be done with the picture above:

Of course there are less friendly looking options too. ;-)

It will be fun to share what everyone sees, because there are absolutely no wrong answers when it comes to cloud creativity. :-)


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