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Monday, July 16, 2007

Dialogue Poem

In dialogue poems, a conversation takes place. A person may have a conversation with him- or herself. Two or more objects or animals may talk together. Two people may have a discussion. A person may talk to an animal or object.


Sock and Shoe Speak

"Oh no!" said my sock,
"What a smell!
You need a bath, Mr. Shoe.
I can tell!"

"I'm leather," said Shoe.
"I don't smell.
Your dryer sheet stink!
I'm unwell!"

"I need a clothespin,"
said the sock.
"It's the only way
we will walk."

Shoe laughed and he smiled
"With no nose,
Sock, what will you do?
Hold your toes?"

I tugged on my shoe
"They're so tight!
Would you both please
stop with this fight!"

See another example of one of my dialogue poems: Wind and Dandelion.

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